Cloud System Integration (CSI)

As a Cloud System Integrator we offer product or service that helps businesses to negotiate the complexities of cloud migrations. We called our cloud intgeration servus as Integration-as-a-Service with quick and easy deployment and self-provisioning, without requiring any coding on the part of the user.

Most organizations are implementing a hybrid cloud model, in which some of the business' applications, services and data are maintained locally, while others are served remotely by one or more cloud providers. The hybrid cloud consists of at least one private cloud and one public cloud. Typically, there are also other business resources that are not cloud-based. Integrating enterprise applications and other business resources in such an environment can be complicated.

Floppy to USB Drive

Plug and Play that is the promise from this state of the art device will bring back life to legacy system using the antique floppy drive storage. Without interferring with the operating system it can seamlessly convert the floppy drive into a USB storage port. No hardware to change or new card to install on the host system, no driver installation required, no software upgrade required. It is operating system independent.

Target application : For application when you need to replace the media and also you need more storage capacity on the media


Media replacement: 3 .5″ – 5.25″ – 8″ floppy disk
Media: USB Pen Drive.
Media Interface: USB Port.
User Interface: LCD Alphanumeric Display with 2 lines x 16 characters with File Browser + 4 x Selection Keys.
Capacity: up 2500 “Disks” on the Pen Drive.
Formats: FAT DOS Compatible & Custom or Non-DOS Compatible – Multi-Format Format on the Media: Standard format
File management:  Standard .ima/.img image files compatible. Direct .ima/.img image files manage using Windows Explorer.


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Through innovative solutions to converge old and new technologies we have achieve significantly milestone in ensuring leagcy tools still stay relevance in todays advance environment.


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